Magic happens when learning is engaging, relevant

Magic happens when learning is engaging, relevant & timely.

Curate, engage, measure, certify & sell learning.

We know that people learn in different ways. ascending’s learning intelligence platform enables learning to happen naturally – in multiple formats, locations, live and on-demand. Learners can watch a video, read an ebook, view a slide deck, run though a scenario, manipulate 3D simulations, attend a learning session, webinar or conference, and more.

Whatever and wherever learning is required, ascending enables you to customise and personalise to the needs of groups and individuals, while giving you the ability to track and report on organisation-wide, groups and individual progress and completion with every learning asset and activity.

ascending allows configuration for compliance, accreditation and certification requirements; providing the ability to track learning progress, milestones, assessment results and defined outcomes.

With our roots in healthcare and a deep understanding of what’s needed in medical training, clinician’s matrix is our optimised healthcare edition, developed specifically for healthcare professionals.

We enable flexible learning experiences for:

Higher Education
& Training Providers

We understand you’re measured not only by the quality of your teachers, courses and learning programs, but also by the rich learning experiences and conversations between students and faculty.

Let your students thrive in a supportive learning ecosystem.

Businesses, Associations
& Government Agencies

With global and local markets changing constantly, we get that any learning investment must support organisational, team and individual objectives, professional growth and close skill gaps.

Give your people the ability to learn how, where and when
they need.

Hospitals, Healthcare
& Insurance Providers

With ever-growing administrative demands, pandemics, violence in hospitals, cyber risks and more, healthcare organisations must have well-trained staff to keep patients, staff and their reputations safe.

Educate your doctors, nurses and administrators to mitigate risk.